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While the popularity of ecommerce platforms rises and falls, the foundations of good technical SEO for ecommerce websites stays the same.

It is said that Napoleon used the phrase “a nation of shopkeepers” to once describe England in the 18th century, and while this may or may not be accurate, it is certainly true that in the past 20 years, the world has become addicted to using the internet for commercial transactions.

However it’s one thing to have a shop, but it’s quite another to get foot-fall, or traffic to it. While brand awareness is very important for any ecommerce operation, ultimately one of the most efficient and necessary ways to drive sales is through search marketing.

There are several different specialisms within the field, but regardless whether paid search plays a part of it ecommerce, SEO is critical to the success of any holistic marketing campaign.

People trust organic search

The truth is that there are many people who use search engines without ever clicking on the paid search listings. This means that ranking in organic search during the buying cycle is not only more important, but fundamental for Ecommerce companies.

eCommerce SEO Services Agency & Solutions Overview

eCommerce SEO Audit

A thorough process to identify the penalty root cause, execute an action plan to correct the issue, and build and submit the reconsideration request for Google.

Speed & Perfomance

Slow loading pages can have an adverse impact on the performance of your e-Commerce site.
We optimize your site to improve time to display and time to interact, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Content Optimisation

Ensuring the content you include with your products is correctly optimized can mean being found when otherwise you might not. Using layman’s terms instead of complex industry jargon will result in positive rankings for the phrases your customers are searching for.

Platform Optimisation

We are well versed in optimizing platforms such as Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Open Cart, Yahoo Stores and many more.


Our web analytics service provides deeper insight in to customers’ behavior and every aspect of an e-Commerce site. We help assess the web traffic and improve conversion rate and your business. We also do custom integration for web analytics.

In-Market Keywords

We perform research to identify consumers who are further down the buying cycle. Window shopping has its place but sales are what matter. We position product & categories pages to deliver motivated consumers ready to purchase your products.

Product + Category SEO

Based on your Ecommerce SEO objectives, we will target particular categories and products for a true balance between traffic increases and conversions.

Link Structure & Layout

Our SEO professionals work to make sure your site is easy to navigate and understand. They go through every page and section of your website and analyze where there are any holes that need improvement.

Outreach & Digital PR

There’s a whole world of potential customers out there. Our media contacts span the globe and our experience has attuned us to the many nuances of each market. Wherever your target audience might be, we can reach them.

Our Ecommerce SEO services provide your store the visibility it needs for success.

Our team will create a custom on-page strategy built around optimizing your stores product, category and brand pages. We position these pages to deliver motivated consumers ready to purchase your products. The SEO community has made it very clear that link building needs to be about quality as opposed to quantity, and an Ecommerce website is no exception. We focus on building links that have real value for you when it comes to rankings, visibility, and your targeted audience.


Our years of experience as eCommerce SEO experts have allowed us to fine tune our process to the point where we are so confident in our ability to deliver measurable results, that we offer our eCommerce SEO service without contractor obligation! You have nothing to lose, request a free eCommerce Website Audit today.

Our eCommerce SEO Strategy

Our unique eCommerce optimization process is broken down into two phases: SEO eCommerce Audits, Consulting, Research AND Brand Building, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization. Each phase has its own unique key performance indicators (KPI) that allow us to fine tune your website and at the same time show you (our client) what’s working and what is not. So let’s dive into what each phase includes...

eCommerce SEO Audits (Phase 1)

Before getting into the actual marketing part of SEO, we need to make sure that your website is ready for it. This means that we will conduct a full technical SEO audit of your eCommerce website to identify and fix most if not all of the on-page SEO issues that can be preventing your site from reaching the top of page 1 in search engines.

Our Technical eCommerce Audits are designed to evaluate and fix the following:

    Page Errors, Redirects, Pages Blocked by Robots.txt, Malware
    Missing or Duplicate Page Titles and Descriptions
    Thin or Duplicate Content, Canonicalization, Topical Focus Issues
    Broken links, missing anchors and ALT texts, improper use of nofollow tags.
    Broken images, missing title and alt text.
    Missing, duplicated headers, microdata implementation.

eCommerce Market Research (Phase-2)

The eCommerce Marketing Research helps identify who your target audiences are and what they search for when looking for your products online.

By conducting this analysis we are able to better understand which queries are most likely being performed by searchers who are further down in their decision making process and are closer to making a purchase.

    Research and analysis of target demographics
    Analysis of demographically targeted intent of search and decision-making process
    Keyword planning, analysis and identifying best keywords to target per page
    Social listening and competitive analysis for content topics
    Historic data analysis, implementation of best practices, identify fears, uncertainties, and doubts (FUDs) to assist with conversions

eCommerce Brand Building, Content Marketing, CRO Conversion Rate Optimization (Phase-3)

This part of our eCommerce optimization process is designed to increase your website’s overall authority which aids in achieving higher rankings for relevant keywords and thus driving targeted traffic to your website.Once your website is fully optimized (on-page SEO) and is compliant with eCommerce SEO best practices, it is ready for marketing. On a monthly basis our team of eCommerce experts will work on the following deliverables with the ultimate goal of increasing rankings and driving referrals to your site:

    Category and brand level page content rewrites, product page content curation and development. As well as content for your blog, which includes in-depth articles, infographics, influencer interviews and educational (how-to) articles.
    Manual and targeted outreach to bloggers, writers, webmasters and journalists to generate powerful backlinks in the form of brand mentions and featured articles.
    Contributing content and answering questions on “How-To” websites like Instructables.
    Generating real product reviews on third party review websites.
    Utilizing native and social advertising platforms to amplify winning content pieces from your blog (infographics, articles, interviews) to drive targeted traffic to your website.
    Weekly monitoring and recommendations based on best practices, A/B testing, data collected from Google Analytics and other tools.
    Implementation, monitoring, and reporting.
    Checking for errors, broken links, duplicate content and all other on-page ranking factors.
    Checking crawls, errors, impressions, CTRs, backlinks.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Online Leads - Increase


Client Retention Rate


#1 Rankings


Superlative web presence and high end sales are the main objectives and the purpose of any eCommerce website is for consumers to buy your products, but what if your target audience can’t find you? These can be easily achieved through eCommerce SEO. By optimizing products, categories and brand pages, the herculean task of multiplying customers and sales can be achieved.

For this, you need specialized eCommerce SEO services. It can be a complete game changer for any website. It not only pulls in more traffic but also manages to convert leads.

It is incredibly important that an Ecommerce website owner understands how consumers find and interact with their store.

With the removal of right hand Paid search ads by Google, Organic search’s role has changed again within the broader role of assisting users with serving relevant information for an Ecommerce retailers products.


Let’s face it; the SEO game has changed drastically. Gone are the days where all it took was a few lines of poorly written content and some backlinks to rank. Stop wasting your time and money on outdated SEO techniques and partner with a company that understands the eCommerce marketing landscape..

No matter what eCommerce platform you’re on, we’ve worked with it, we’ve ranked it and have learned a great deal along the way!

At Our Agency, we understand blended search, and optimise Ecommerce SEO campaigns to expose your Brand and products at critical “early” moments so that your SEO campaign can build brand awareness and lead to final conversions through direct channels such as Paid Search or Email.Coupling our expert approach with attribution reporting through Web Analytics results in a transparent, journey optimum SEO campaign for your Brand, designed for a single purpose; success.

Maximize your web organic search growth!

Contact US today to find out how our seo services can help your business.

We don’t provide standardised 'seo packages' for you to choose from. We review your individual needs as a client and help you decide what services and solutions are right for your business.

Please feel free to contact us, let us know what your issues are and what you believe needs to be done. Then leave it with us to review your current situation & suggest possible solutions to you.

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Transforming your business with organic search and partner now with our Ecommerce seo agency

Selling products online can be a lucrative business. Whether yours is a long established ecommerce brand or a company just starting out in online sales, ecommerce SEO gives you the opportunity to make more sales and more money.As a Google Partner agency, we have been recognised by Google for the quality of our SEO work. Our team includes ecommerce website developers, meaning we are best positioned to support businesses that use Magento or WordPress to power their online shops.

Ecommerce SEO Agency

With so many online stores across the web selling thousands upon thousands of products every day, getting customers to your website can be a challenge. Ecommerce SEO is all about attracting new a profitable traffic to your site with the ultimate goal of converting that traffic into sales.By investing in ecommerce SEO, you can expect:Improved product rankings in the search resultsEnhanced search listings for your productsMore traffic to your websiteMore sales from your online store
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