Search Engine Optimization Services for Healthcare Organizations, Medical Practitioners and Health Content Portals for driving patients to your website.

healthcare search engine optimization services

What is Healthcare SEO?

Medical SEO 101SEO stands for search engine optimization — the process of modifying your website and overall web presence to improve your practice’s visibility in relevant search results. Many factors influence your site’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

But a successful SEO campaign will result in more visitors to the site and more leads from prospective patients in your target market.

Why Medical SEO Services Matters for Healthcare Industry?

When consumers want health information the first place they turn is to a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN/Bing. In fact, seeking healthcare information is one of the most common online activities among Internet users of all ages (see Pew Research Center Study: Generations Online).

Healthcare SEO is key to reaching these users.

Because so many people seek healthcare information on the Internet, there is a significant opportunity for organizations that employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach their target audiences. It also means that organizations who cannot be found in search engines are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach the very people who need them most.Whether you’re a specialty medical practitioner, a hospital, local clinic, nonprofit organization or a company serving the medical or pharmaceutical industries, if you’re in the business of healthcare it is imperative that your target audiences can find you online.

Not only is content optimization essential in helping your site become more relevant, it also improves user experience, which is one of the more recent signals Google monitors.

Healthcare SEO Services

Healthcare Marketing Agency Medical SEO Agency Medical Marketing Services Overview

Medical SEO

Increasing your positioning at the top of search requires a persistent search engine optimization effort and a passion to outrank your competition for the medical services you provide.

Tailored Medical SEO strategy are designed to deliver the highly valuable search traffic you expect and require to your medical website.

Content Development

Our Agency employs a team of in-house writers and editors to ensure that our content meets the highest standards of quality, readability, and organization. It’s properly optimized to appeal both to readers and search engines crawlers.

The result? No smoke, no mirrors. Just content that works.

Online Reputation

When prospective patients are searching online for your name and your practice, they will find something. Don’t let Yelp or some other review site deliver a message about you.

A strong SEO strategy will ensure that prospective patients find your website and receive your message as you intended it.

EXPOSING A PATIENTS NEEDS - Most Important For Healthcare SEO Services

SEO Agency Mumbai is a Healthcare Industry experienced Healthcare SEO company providing Medical SEO services for healthcare and medical clients such as private hospitals, clinics and practices. We specializes in working with medical professionals and healthcare services organizations of all types in order to identify the unique areas of healthcare terminology most relevant to your core demographic, and most effective to target with Medical SEO Services. We guide you through a structured medical seo process designed to maximize results and ROI understands the sensitive issues surrounding the integration of an SEO campaign within an overall healthcare marketing strategy.Considering the delicacy of a medical practice’s strategy, Our Agency operates diverse channels to engage this specific target audience. We attribute value at each stage of the healthcare user journey towards conversion, this value being from attracting a prospective patient or booking an appointment, and we calculate our client’s ROI against all search channels including SEO.

From the inception of Google, links have been the backbone for determining a website’s ranking. When other sites link to you that shows search engines your site is credible and trustworthy. If many sites link to you, and those sites are of a high quality, then your site is seen as an authority.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

healthcare seo agency

Great Content Wins Medical SEO

Within a heavily regulated industry, we drive communications that are accurate, solution focused, and for the benefit of your clients.

Comprehensive: The more thoroughly your website covers a topic, the more valuable an educational resource it will be.That means not dodging the tough stuff. Provide the good, the bad, and the ugly because chances are that your competition can't or won't.

Relevant: A page devoted to a procedure should focus entirely on educating users about that procedure.Providing users with information they're looking for increases the odds they will contact your practice.

Timely: The best educational resources are updated routinely, reflecting new technologies, techniques, and even legislation. Providing such information will help to reinforce you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy authority figure.

There are other factors for how search engines value links, but a good rule of thumb is if a user would benefit from the link, and the site that links to you is well liked, then it’s a high-value link.

Drive Patients To Your Door With Medical SEO!

A strong SEO strategy will ensure that prospective patients find your website and receive your message as you intended it.

Retain Your Existing Patients: Existing patients research, too. A random post on Facebook or a story on the nightly news could trigger one of your patients to go online in search of information about a procedure. Being found will help you retain such patients while piquing their interests in other services you provide. If you are not found, your competitors will be. Retain patients and prevent them from turning to your competitors for information.

Control Your Online Reputation: When prospective patients are searching online for your name and your practice, they will find something. Don’t let Yelp or some other review site deliver a message about you.

Inspire Trust In Referrals: Even patients that are referred to practices by people they trust go online to do research. These prospective patients want to know that the doctor or dentist they are considering is qualified and skilled.

Whether your business is listed on maps, apps, search engines, directories, or social networks, you need to ensure your practice’s information is accurate and consistent everywhere.

Why Medical SEO Services or Hire Healthcare SEO Company?

grow your overall patient base

Considering 77% of healthcare consumers use a search engine to research health conditions and providers prior to scheduling an appointment, SEO services are a critical strategy to ensure your related content and services are highly visible in search results. Our exclusively healthcare-focused SEO services also help drive growth by sending more qualified traffic to your website(s).

There’s no need to invest in SEO services for your entire site if your immediate need is to improve visibility and growth of a specific service line. Our’s turnkey managed marketing service and our team of SEO experts go to work for you providing everything from SEO strategy consultation to comprehensive execution to measurement support for patient acquisition, service-line promotion, and nurturing programs.

Whether you are trying to grow your overall patient base or attract a certain type of patient, SEO provides the foundation you need.

How Our Medical SEO Company Can Help You ?

Our in-house writers produce the comprehensive, relevant, timely content that is the cornerstone of effective SEO.

Healthcare SEO Services Strategy: Our Medical SEO company focus on symptoms, services, and medical conditions to expose your service offering to potential clients. We understand your services and then reverse engineer into sub criteria across these areas for maximum exposure.

Content Development: Healthcare websites typically provide clinical content that provides an overview of a need and direction of a solution. We analyse this to ensure it matches what clients are typing into search engines and optimise your content for maximum exposure.

User Experience & Journey: We will audit your website to ensure its clear and easy to get in touch to arrange a consultation or appointment for Services. User Experience has shown to triple appointment bookings in weeks for healthcare clients and is a core part of our service.

Healthcare SEO Services Features

Having a profile with many online reviews that are posted consistently shows Google that your business is popular and frequented often.

UX Design

User experience is a ranking factor, but it also helps optimize conversions on the site. We constantly look at site hierarchy, internal/external linking, calls to action and more to lower your bounce rate and increase user page depth.

Hyped Local Resources

In most areas there are websites that are well regarded in the community and are looked at strongly by the search engines. Our tactics helps identify where you need to be listed.

Technical SEO & Schema Markup

The things going on behind the scenes are just as important as what you see in front of you. Using tools to audit your site’s performance, we optimize page speed and code your site for optimal performance on mobile devices.

National Franchises, Chains and Multiple Locations

Google My Business and Bing Places are key tools in ranking in search result pages. Proper maintenance of these helps your business show up in Google’s “local pack” on maps and search results, and ensure that the business information listed is accurate and informative. Making sure your site is optimized for your local area based on search volumes and keyword data is vital to your website’s success.

Listing and Citation Management

Outside of your website, there are other factors that impact how your medical practice ranks in search results. We make sure your practice and its doctors are listed consistently and accurately on the web by cleaning up outdated or incorrect listings. Along those lines, one of the most important SEO strategies is also back link generation, which is finding opportunities for other sites to link to yours. This falls under listing and citation management.

Maximize your web organic search growth!

Contact US today to find out how our healthcare seo company and medical seo company can help your business.

We don’t provide standardised 'seo packages' for you to choose from. We review your individual needs as a client and help you decide what services and solutions are right for your business.

Please feel free to contact us, let us know what your issues are and what you believe needs to be done. Then leave it with us to review your current situation & suggest possible solutions to you.

We aim to reply to all messages within 1 working day. :)

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Create a Website for Your Healthcare Services:

Creating a website is your first step towards your online customers. Buy a Catchy and brandable domain name.Do research before buying a domain name. If you can put your focus keyword creatively in your domain name that will be beneficial for SEO point of view.Your website should be optimized for mobile devices too.  As, more than 40% patients schedule appointment on mobile devices.

MEDICAL SEO Keyword Research:

Do your keyword research smartly. Focus for top medical search terms in your city for your website. Focussing on local keyword is more fruitful for medical practitioners.The local keyword comprises medical search term and name of the place. Finding the right local keywords is most important part of any SEO procedure.Google Keyword Planner is one of the best free tool available for keyword planning. Dive deep into your Google analytics tool to get some idea about your keyword and user behaviour.

Health SEO Related Infographics:

Create informative and eye catching infographics. These infographics may be about diseases and their symptoms. You can take your infographic one step ahead by mentioning precaution in your infographics.You can hire a freelancer graphic designer to create amazing infographics for you. This may be a little costly for you. But, it helps you to keep engaging your audience and also helps in your off-page optimization efforts.Promote your infographic on different social media platforms. Also, submit it to some infographics submission site. This will attract links towards your website.

Integrate Video:

Videos are most important to make a relatable and Google friendly brand. Include video in your content marketing strategy.You don’t need a huge budget and big production company to create videos for you. Often you can create these videos with a normal camera or smartphone and with an assistant.Create a great video with effective content. Your video content should be informative and useful. Share some symptoms of viral diseases and precautions to be taken. As there are more chances of getting viral.Share these video on Youtube and Vimeo. As you know, Youtube is 2nd largest search engine. Optimize your video on Youtube, there are chances that it can also rank in Google search results.Write catchy and relevant Title and also add relevant Meta Tags on Youtube. Also, share these videos on your official blog.

Medical discussion forums:

Create a list of discussion forums related to patients and diseases. Participate in these discussion forums. Discussion forums may be a great source for links pointing to your website.Provide helpful tips to the patients and reply their question with valuable suggestions. Drop your link in the discussion forums where ever appropriate.Don’t spam these forums with your links in every discussion. Try to help people with genuine advice. They will come back to you naturally.

Medical Directories:

Find out the top directories for medical practitioners and doctors. Submit your website in the database. Most of such directories are free.I recommend you to register your website only on free directories. When doing directory submission, Change your Title and description every time.If you don’t have time to do all above exercise, you can hire an off page SEO Services provider for building this kind of links for your website.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are changing the world of health care. Demand for healthcare mobile apps are increasing day by day.With healthcare mobile apps, the patient care can be simplified to a great extent. These apps have millions of active users. Registering yourself on these apps can help you to gain new patients.Some apps also mention your website in their database with a dofollow link or some time it may be nofollow. But it is still worthy to register yourself in these mobile apps.Creating your own app can help you to get boost in your search ranking. These apps can be designed to guide with indoor and outdoor navigation and share customized healthcare care plan with each patient.Providing facility of online appointments with your mobile app is really a great idea as it is convenient for both patient and doctor.

Local SEO for Doctors:

Focusing on local customer is most important part of healthcare SEO. Register your healthcare website in local business directories.Write guest post in local websites. Provide health care tips in your guest posts with links to your website.Write testimonials for medical services and equipment providers in your practice area.

Online Appointments:

Studies shows that 17% patient booked an appointment through a mobile app or website past year. Research also indicates that young generation prefer online appointment.If you are not giving appointment online, start giving it from today itself.Patient’s time is just as valuable as yours. It will be time saving and convenient for your patients and you too. It also helps to increase average time spend on your website. As average time spend or dwell time is most important SEO factor.

Content for Healthcare SEO:

Create content for your users, not for search engines. Healthcare SEO is all about focusing on need of your patients. Share valuable health related tips and precautions in your blog posts.Try to create long forum with original content on behalf of your medical organisation. Long forum content does great when it comes to ranking high in search engines.Do your research before creating your content.Well researched and long forum content drive more organic traffic and it also leads to drive more backlinks pointing to your website.Create different types of contents on your website. Publish your medical case studies. Case studies are great way to share your knowledge with your audience.Write detailed informative post on your product to inform your patients, how to use them to get maximum benefits. Providing medication information is really helpful for your patients and you too.Publish latest happening in your healthcare organisation. Share photos and story of your staff and patients in your blog posts.

Utilize Social Media:

Utilize Social Media network smartly. Create social media accounts around your website. Ask your happy patients to review your services on social media platforms and different healthcare mobile apps. Share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter.Publish some facts of your case studies with link on social media networks. Such facts have great chances to get viral on social media networks.Few month back, a famous cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon from India, share a case study on social media and it was a case study about effect of pollution on human. Everyone was sharing this case study on Facebook and Twitter.Like that you can share your own successful case studies and guides on social media. It is easy and fastest way to get new patients.

Google Business Page:

Create a free account on Google my business. Share your location on Google map. It helps you to get location in Google local search results. It also helps your patients to find your hospital.There are three types of Google plus pages i.e Person Page, Local Business Page and Brand Page is really helpful for medical practitioners to set up their Google My Business who are working at common place.Be sure to make large fan following for your Google Plus profile. It will help you to rank higher in local search results.

FAQ Page for Patients:

Create a Frequently asked Question page on your website. Encourage your patients to ask their questions and do answer their questions on the same.Try to help them genuinely. It will encourage them to ask more questions.

Integrate Online Paid Campaign:

If you want more people to your healthcare website, you can run a PPC Campaigns for targeted keywords. Integrating PPC campaign with your organic effort can help you to get fast results.

You can also choose to run paid campaign on Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness about your health care services in your area.


Managing all onpage and offpage SEO activities can be overwhelming for medical practitioners. Our Team of SEO Consultant Mumbai help you to strategy your content and managing all onpage and off page activities on your website.Let me know which of above strategies are you going to implement?

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