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Mobile devices are used by more than 80% of internet users to access the web.

Mobile SEO is all about tuning a website for mobile devices, search engines and mobile search results, ensuring the mobile user experience is exceptional and intuitive. While there are similarities between mobile and traditional desktop SEO, there are many technical requirements, considerations and opportunities unique to mobile optimisation.

From a technical perspective, mobile SEO involves putting signals in place so that search engines can understand your mobile configuration and rank the site accordingly, and correctly configuring your site to load and render efficiently on mobile devices, keeping mobile load speeds down. However, to place well in mobile search rankings a site must also perform in terms of usability. Things like forcing users to pinch-to-zoom to use your website lead to a poor mobile user experience.

With the introduction of mobile ranking factors by Google, mobile SEO is now a fundamental requirement for anyone that wishes to have an online presence.

Mobile SEO Services Overview

Mobile SEO Audit

A comprehensive mobile website audit to ensure your website is mobile-first index ready and build a SEO strategy for mobile search engine optimisation.

Mobile UX

We take mobile ux to the next level with an eye on the UI intricacies to render engaging experience that helps your keywords rankings for mobile device.

Mobile Load Speed

Fast loading speed is a top requirement for mobile-first SERPs success. Most of us have 4G or close enough now. we will make your mobile site load under 2 seconds.

What does it take to do Mobile website SEO?

Well first of all, our Mobile SEO services involve structuring your mobile website for optimal viewing. Remember, browsing on a mobile can be uncomfortable for a user and therefore he needs information quickly and easily. So we make sure your site is structured and content presented in such a way that the user has a satisfying browsing experience. At the same time your content will be optimized to be brief, keyword-rich and relevant. The site structure is also optimized for easier indexing by search engines.

Mobile SEO involves making changes to the site's algorithms to conform to what search engines are looking for. Given that 30% mobile owners browse the Internet on their mobiles, Mobile Search Engine Optimization is an important function that you can't afford to miss.

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Mobile Searches Behavior & Usage

Generally, there are no differences in the types of things people search for using a desktop PC or a smartphone device. However, there are key differences in the keywords and behaviour of mobile searchers, which businesses need to consider when optimising their sites for mobile. For example: 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.

Mobile searches tend to involve a maximum of three keywords and the searcher often has a good idea of what it is they want to find – they are often further along in the buying process than desktop searchers. A mobile searcher may be looking to find price information, or may want to find out where they can buy the product or service they want locally.

Evidence also suggests that smartphone searchers favour the top few results more than desktop searchers. Therefore, being in the top organic positions on search engines like Google is more important than ever if your product or service is the type of thing people are likely to search for on their mobile device.

Accessibility, Usability & User Experience

Mobile screens are small and smartphone searchers find nothing more frustrating than sites that are not mobile-friendly. The mobile internet experience, if poor, can alienate potential customers.

A mobile optimised site is instantly recognisable; it has big buttons, less text and is quick to load. Is your site offering the optimal experience for your customers? We optimise to the ‘rule of thumb’ theory - every aspect of your website needs to be accessible for your finger – small buttons, links and any amount of content that requires lots of scrolling is non-optimal. Forms should be exceptionally short and information should be readily available in the fewest number of clicks possible.

If you are planning a new site, you should invest in a responsive style sheet that can accommodate all the different traffic you will receive and cater to your visitors’ individual needs, serving content dynamically.

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Now more than ever, you need a robust mobile SEO strategy to lift you above your competition, drive more traffic to your website, increase conversions and align your business with the expectations of today’s connected consumer.

Be found in your customers’ pockets by keeping your site flawlessly optimised for both mobile and desktop us so you’re easily found by your customers and search engines.

  • 90% of consumers move between devices to complete a task.
  • 65% of multi-screen consumers begin their shopping process on a smartphone.
  • 84% of all multi-screen shopping experiences included mobile as either the first or second interaction.
  • The connected consumer now expects to access and interact with a website from any mobile device.
  • 57% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.
  • 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.
  • Mobile phones also allow consumers to interact with your business in ways that no other device can.
  • 94% of smartphone users search for location info.
  • 51% of smartphone searchers visited a store.
  • 48% of smartphone searchers called a store.
  • 29% of smartphone searchers made an in-store purchase shortly after.


Our experienced experts understand the mobile web and mobile apps, and we know how to optimize your content and site experience to drive mobile SEO results.

Our Mobile SEO Services will:
  • Analyze your site’s current mobile SEO.
  • Create a plan to adopt a mobile-first strategy.
  • Improve your mobile rankings and traffic.
  • Ensure that your site performs well in mobile environments.
  • Optimize your mobile site for loading speed.
  • Monitor your mobile performance.

  • Your site will be expertly audited to make and keep it mobile friendly; we’ll also carry out an in-depth, technical mobile SEO analysis so your brand can always be found in your customers’ hands.

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