The icing on the cake for your new multilingual website is to ensure it’s fully optimised in each language. SEO on all local and international engines is key to making your investment work for you so you can be found in the markets you are trying to penetrate.


Multinational Search Engine Optimisation

70% of worldwide internet users do not use English as their first language, making the use of normal SEO practises to target them completely ineffective. Should your company be looking to reach out to a global market then Our's multilingual SEO techniques are what you need to succeed.True multilingual SEO is about much more then simply running your website through a translation tool. Keywords and your site's primary content need to be checked to make sure that they are relevant in the targeted market, as many phrases, references and cultural ideas simply do not translate.

Auto-translation or translation plugins are not the solutions!

Just as you would probably be confused if a French person told you that they "have other cats to whip", they would be confused if you said to them that you had "other fish to fry". Idioms such as this don't translate directly and simply running your site through an online translation system such as Google translate won't correct this, leaving your website unintelligble or possibly even offensive to your target market.

You have to think long term and more viable solutions than just to be reliable on plugins and auto-translation solutions to make sure your brand is being promoted in as effective a manner as possible, giving you the best possible result, whichever market you wish to target.

Multilingual SEO Services Overview

Website Localisation

If you are looking to internationalise your site, the process can be daunting. Before translating your site, We can help ensure your website is translated and localised right from the beginning.

Mother-Tongue Linguists

Translating campaigns is ineffective because it does not take into account linguistic nuances and cultural differences that make each territory so unique. With authenticity a key component of successful multilingual campaigns.

Multilingual Backlinks

The task of ‘optimising’ a website to help it achieve high SERP rankings against specific keywords, in multiple languages, requires a deep understanding of linguistics and in-country search behaviour.

Our SEO Consultants can help you target customers in your local or global market.

In addition to your site's content, targeting the correct search engines is vitally important. Whilst Google is used more or less worldwide, with a total worldwide market share of roughly 88%, there are plenty of local search engines unique to each market that need to be considered. For example, if you try to market your business in China without performing the correct multilingual SEO procedures for Baidu, the search engine handling over 56% of China's searches, you will find it hard to be taken seriously.

Our's Multilingual SEO strategy involves first reviewing your translated content. Our SEO Consultants who speak the local language to native level research your target market and the keywords people search for. For example, for one retail company we found that search volumes were higher and more profitable in English than in Dutch. These kinds of insights drive the success of our multilingual SEO campaigns.


More and more companies are becoming frustrated at their multilingual website not ranking highly on local search engines and thus receiving limited traffic. It’s critical that your translation strategy includes multilingual SEO research to determine the right keywords and phrases that will boost visits to your site.

To Google...And Beyond

No doubt Google is the largest search engine in the world. Most of us are also quite aware of search engines like Yahoo and Bing. But they are not the only engines on the block. The Chinese use Baidu while, in Russia, Yandex is popular. Naver or Daum is used in South Korea and Senzam in the Czech Republic. When you are targeting local consumers in a global marketing campaign, you cannot afford to ignore the local search engines and social channels.

SEO For Any Market Local or Global

With search engine optimization you can be sure your clients will find the services and products on the web. But the keywords your customers use in one country likely won’t be the keywords people use in another. You might have a fantastic product or service, but if your website isn’t search engine optimized for your international target markets, your customers may not discover how fantastic your product or service truly is.

While one approach would be the direct word-for-word translation of keywords, those translated keywords may not be the words that your international customers are using to search for the product or service your offer.

When performing keyword analysis for your company’s localized website, thousands of branded and unbranded keywords should be evaluated. The most important keywords (the ones that will generate the largest quantity and quality of website traffic) should be prioritized as part of your SEO translation strategy.

Once these “must-win” keywords are identified, each word on the list should be individually examined to determine if it should be organically optimized. That means those keywords will all:
  • Be part of a longer-term strategy of at least six months
  • Tend to be more generic and unbranded
  • Be tailored for searchers to catch them at the beginning of their journey down your marketing funnel.

    It's about time you took your website multinational. Expand your online business by breezing in the lucrative foreign markets and attract the local searchers there with the help of our award-winning linguistic SEO services.

    At Our SEO Agency, we utilize our vast experience in advanced white hat SEO techniques in combination with our knowledge of local realities to power multilingual and multiregional marketing campaigns. Our SEO strategies concentrated on local search markets help you take your marketing efforts directly to the native consumers with maximum ease.

    Our SEO tools allow for the systematic evaluation of your website in its current form, and help us identify strategies for optimizing your site for the most commonly used search engines in the world—Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.

    Lost In Translation

    When we optimize your website for different languages, we do not simple translate the original content. With the help of native speakers and language experts, we make sure that your website conveys the correct meaning in all targeted languages, avoiding translation mistakes that can potentially place you in an unfavorable light.

    Boost Multilingual SEO to Increase Your Leads & Sales

    Our services can help you with multilingual search marketing, both SEO and PPC in all languages. By combining several markets and languages into a single project, you’ll gain cost and time efficiencies, while also getting high-quality results from the content’s initial launch. You’ll gain these efficiencies by working with our existing global network of in-country linguists. We don’t subcontract to local agencies—they only add cost and complexity through the multiple interfaces involved. Your content never leaves our hands, so your brand voice, messaging, and equity will always be consistent.


    Organic Traffic - Increase


    Online Leads - Increase


    Client Retention Rate


    #1 Rankings

    Multilingual SEO Services Features

    Base Language Site

    We identify your base language site and then code and develop the same. If you already have a site, we optimize it for onpage factors, content, UTF – 8 characters, design and layout to ensure it runs smoothly. During, this process, we establish the guidelines for multilingual SEO.

    Content Template Development

    We design a common template for multilingual SEO pages of your website. Consistency and uniform look help customers in identifying with your brand and increases its recall value.

    Optimising For All Search Engines

    While Google is the most popular search engine, there are some countries like China, where other search engines such as Baidu rule the roost. We study other markets and optimize your website for all relevant search engines across the world.

    Understand Local Culture & Buying Incentives

    Each country or region has its own culture and different motivating factors that drive a customer to convert from just a looker to a buyer. It is important to understand local cultures and the factors that play a role in the buying process. We study such factors thoroughly and incorporate changes in your website to match the expectation for your target markets.

    Regional Keyword Research & Competition

    Just as it’s important to understand local culture and buying sensibilities, it is important to understand local competitors and keywords that customers search for. We analyze the websites for your regional competitors and also perform data backed keyword research for all your target markets to devise the best suited multilingual SEO strategy for your site.

    Unified Global SEO Reporting

    Working with a dedicated multilingual agency means you will benefit from centralised reporting. Our team will also coordinate campaigns and share ideas and successes so that they can be applied in other relevant markets. A central dashboard quickly shows you the results from all or any individual country campaigns. Clients have a single point of contact with which to discuss their SEO campaigns..

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