If you are looking to recover from panda, penguin or any other google penalties and manual penalty, snatch back your lost rankings and traffic. :)


Recover Your Lost Rankings and Traffic

If you believe you have been hit by a Google Panda update we recommend that you try and confirm which update has affected your sites traffic and by what magnitude (’s algorithm history tool is very useful here). Conducting this exercise reveals that your sites situation is not as black and white as your may of been “hit by Google”, however, your site may of been hit by one update and then benefited from a data “refresh” and then got by another update a few weeks later. This is situation is very common. Knowing which specific update hit your site is incredibly useful for pinpointing the root cause of the penalty or algorithm update.

Have you been playing fast and loose with your SEO?

Have you noticed a dip in rankings or traffic? Have you been hit by a recent Google update? (Panda or Penguin) or received a Google manual penalty? (Notice of Detected Unnatural Links’ email form Google) or have you done some shady link building in the past you want to clean up? If so Click Intelligence can help you.

Google Updates Re-Cap: Over the past few years Google has been updating their algorithm to detect low quality content (known as Google Panda update) So far Google has confirmed to have rolled out 25 alliterations of Google panda. Overall Google has been updating their algorithm to clean up the search result pages and rewarding website owners who have quality content with higher organic search positions than website owners who don’t.

SEO Penalty Recovery & Backlink Audit Services Overview


no, we are not linked to this penguin is bad, we are good penguins. If you are looking to recover your rankings and suspect you may have a Penguin penalty, speak to us now.

Competitors Links Audit

We're keen to understand your landscape and effectively measure your competition. A competitor backlink audit allows us to see your competitors' link earning strategies and helps us identify areas of opportunity that they haven't exploited yet.


If you are looking to recover your rankings and suspect you may have a Panda penalty, speak to us now.Yes, we are in good terms with Panda. :)

Backlink Audit

A diverse and clean backlink profile can help you rank well and will give you more credibility with the search engines. Our link audit report will give you a full outline of your existing rank profile and note any issues that may exist.

Penalty Recovery

A thorough process to identify the penalty root cause, execute an action plan to correct the issue, and build and submit the reconsideration request for Google.

Manual Penalty

Have you received a message within your Google Search Console account notifying you that a ‘manual action’ has been placed on your website due to unnatural backlinks?

Recovering from a penalty.

The first step to recovery from search engine penalties is assessing your website and determining your site’s penalty and violations. Using the aid of Google’s Webmaster Tools and accessing the Manual Actions page will list your site’s penalties and help you map out your road to Google penalty recovery and a return to search engines.


Our team will manual review your site’s link profile, looking in-depth into and removing link networks, schemes and spam. Once all unnatural links are removed from your site, our team will create and promote useful and interactive links both on and off your site.


Our team will manual review your site’s link profile, looking in-depth into and removing link networks, schemes and spam. Once all unnatural links are removed from your site, our team will create and promote useful and interactive links both on and off your site.

Penalty Signs

  • Can’t find your site in Google search engine results.
  • Significant drop in keyword rankings.
  • Decrease in the organic search engine traffic to your site.
  • You receive an alert from Google Webmaster Tools.

Penalty Types

01. Off-Site Link Penalty

02. On-Site Link Penalty

03. Thin Content

04. Hacked Site

05. Pure Spam
06. Off-Site Link Penalty

07. On-Site Link Penalty

08. Thin Content

09. Hacked Site

10. Pure Spam


Losing ranking positions in the search engines will usually have a corresponding effect on your traffic. If you run a company that depends on online as an important source of business, losing rankings can have a devastating effect on your revenues.

A recovery service is a specialist form of SEO that focuses on getting your rankings back to where they were, and helping you to secure them for the future by optimising your site as effectively as possible. Using advanced analytics and manual forensic audits, a recovery team will pore over every aspect of your website to uncover exactly what is causing your rankings to fall and provide an actionable plan to solve the problem.

There could be any number of reasons why you’re losing rankings, and sometimes it’s very difficult to know exactly what they are. The two most common causes are a manual penalty or an algorithmic penalty from Google, but it could also be a result of a negative SEO attack by a competitor, hacking or malware related.

Once you've cleaned and fixed your sites issues you need to take the steps needed to recover

Diagnosing and fixing the cause of your tumbling rankings are essential but you can't necessarily recover just by taking those steps. Depending on the kind of issue you have you may have to do a number of things. You might need to upload a disavow file to Google Search Console, and/or you might need to submit a detailed reconsideration request to Google with evidence of the steps taken to fix your site. With out these it's unlikely you'll recover when you want to. You'll also need to make sure that long term your managing the risk factors that an lead to a penalty and strictly managing the practices of any in house and/or outsourced SEO resource.


Our recovery service begins with a full forensic audit to find the root of the problem. We’re a small team of experts with real SEO experience, and we’ve never been stumped yet. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll create an actionable and cost-effective recovery plan to get your rankings back. That might involve a robust link cleaning process, a plan to improve the quality of your content, or improvements to your site’s speed and usability. If you’ve been hit by a penalty, we can help you get your site back up to scratch and submit a reconsideration request on your behalf.

And because we’re the experts, we know that recovery doesn’t stop with the diagnosis, prognosis or fix. Getting a full bill of health is only the first step you then need to convince Google to let you back in the game and then you need to makesure you keep playing fair. Convincing Google is easy, if you've fixed your issues correctly, have documented your fixes properly and now how to submit the information to them in a way which will get your red card lifted quickly. Playing fair is acutally more difficult becuase having a penalty lifted doesn't normally mean you get all your rankings back - after the pain of the penalty and the hard work to recover, it can be frustrating to not get back to where you were.

This can mean that you act to regain positions rashly or simply without strict guidelines on activity. Real recovery must include monitoring or your penalty risk factors, like your link risk, and with monitoring of your SEO resource, to ensure no more risk in built into the process.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Online Leads - Increase


Client Retention Rate


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Google Penalty Recovery Services Features

Forensic SEO Audit

Recovering from a catastrophic traffic loss requires a laser-sharp understanding of your site’s inner and outer mechanisms. We put over 100 distinct components of your site under the microscope, producing a detailed analysis of your historic search visibility, dissecting your analytics data and working with enterprise-level software to find where the problem is exactly all so we can fix your rankings quickly, without disrupting the day-to-day running of your site.

Content Penalties

One of the most important keys to search engine success is your content. If you’ve received a manual content penalty or if your rankings have taken a plunge at the same time as a Google Panda update, then you may need a specialist content penalty and Panda recovery service to get you back on track. We provide a content audit and planning service to help get your content up to scratch, your penalty lifted, your rankings back to where they were.

Link Penalties

If spammy inbound links have caused your site to be devalued or pushed into the crosshairs of Google Penguin, we can provide a complete link penalty service: a profiling, cleaning, disavowal and reconsideration service that's guaranteed to decontaminate your site. We run a meticulous assessment of your links, identifying the risks, taking steps to clean the links causing you problems, and submitting a detailed reconsideration request on your behalf.

Traffic & Rankings Recovery

Getting your rankings back requires two things: a complete understanding of the problem and an actionable plan to recover from it. Whether you’ve received a penalty or you’re getting attacked by malware or competitor tactics, or the problem is with your site, we’ll come up with a recovery plan that will fix the issue and help secure your rankings for the future.

Link Risk Monitoring

You may be in the process of cleaning your site for a penalty, or you may need to keep track of new links being built to your site. If you need a professional link monitoring service, our SEO specialists can help. We can moderate your links in the medium to long-term, keeping your profile clean so you don't have to worry about getting a penalty.

Link Disavowal Services

Creating and submitting a disavow file is relatively easy, but knowing which links to disavow requires advanced SEO knowledge. You could lose traffic if you disavow the wrong links. We provide a disavowal service by real SEO experts - we can analyse your links, create the file and upload it, ensuring only the right links are removed from your profile.

Hacked Website Recovery

Does your site look like it's been hacked? Have you noticed odd content added to your blog, strange new backlinks, or even a warning applied to your site in Google's search results pages? If you suspect you're a victim of hacking, we can diagnose the problem. Whether it's spam, malware or more, we can fix it ourselves or guide your developer to a solution.

Reconsideration Requests

Gaining reconsideration is the last step before your manual penalty gets lifted. We’ve got a 100% success rate in submitting reconsideration requests on behalf of our clients. We even build the necessary documentation right into the penalty recovery process, giving you the best possible chance from the start. If you need to submit for reconsideration, we can help.

Manual Link Penalty Recovery

Have you been hit by a manual penalty? Your rankings could already be taking a plunge. We specialise in penalty removal and we've got a 100% success rate in getting manual penalties lifted. No matter why you've been penalised, we can identify the problem, resolve it, submit a reconsideration request on your behalf and get your business back on track.

Penguin Recovery Services

If your backlinks are coming from suspicious sites, there's every chance Google Penguin will penalise your site eventually. Since Penguin updates very rarely, you really want to avoid being penalised. If you've been hit by Penguin we offer a specialist recovery plan designed to clean and strengthen your site, so you can reclaim your rankings when the next update rolls out.

Link Cleaning

Getting hit by a Google link penalty can set your business back for months, so it's vital to remove any unnatural backlinks from your link profile. We offer a link cleaning service designed to remove any links that could draw a penalty. If you’ve already been hit by one, our robust link cleaning process will help it get lifted as soon as possible.

Link Profiling

Your backlinks can help you identify new opportunities to expand your online presence, gain visibility on valuable keywords and warn you when you're in danger of drawing a painful penalty from Google. Our link profiling service evaluates every one of your backlinks individually, so you know exactly where the opportunities and potential pitfalls lie.

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