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Technical SEO Consulting and Troubleshooting Services

Ranking well in a search is like trying to hit a moving target while riding backward on horseback. As more competitors enter the market and the popularity of keywords evolve, search engines must alter their ranking criteria routinely. You will need a partner on your side with advanced SEO specialists, many years of expertise and the most advanced technology. Good news: now you have one.

Talk to the search engine spider in their language, as well as to human visitors. There are two types of eyes looking at your website – people and search engine crawlers eyes. We understand ‘feeding’ search engine crawlers with the right food (information) is vital. We leave no stone unturned. We carry out analysis with tools and assessing the architecture of websites belonging to our clients as part of our technical SEO services. We analyse server logs to understand crawling activity, and look to optimise that. This is referred to as ‘Crawl Optimisation’ – and we’re big on it. When we’ve carried out our analysis we provide recommendations for your website to improve overall SEO health. We’ll be on hand whilst you implement recommendations and work with your web developers if needed to get the very best results. Either call us or complete our online enquiry form and one of our technical SEO experts will come back to you to discuss your requirements.

Technical SEO Consulting Overview

We provide a range of Technical SEO services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Site Migration

Protect visibility, rankings and revenue when you migrate.

Inbound Link Hygiene 

Assess the quality of links to you and your competitors.

Technical SEO Audit

Diagnose faults and develop an actionable roadmap to campaign success

Site Architecture

Make your site a breeze for users and search engines alike.

Speed & Security

Take advantage of everything from HTTPS migration to AMP.

Technical SEO Support

We’ll help you stay on top with the latest technologies and best practices in the dynamic world of SEO.

Technical SEO Services From Expert SEO Consultants

We provide unique and highly technical SEO solutions for the deepest and strangest SEO scenarios. We’ve seen it all. Have you been hit hard by a Panda or a Penguin? They sound innocent enough until they drop you off the first page due to algorithm updates. Are you worried about the damage by link rot? We’ve got the answers, and we dare you to stump us!

You never know what type of browser your customer will use. Our audit compares the user experience and site performance on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and iPhone user agents. We also compare JavaScript run times and optimize your CSS files for issues like rule duplication, excessive cascading and unused background images.

Is Technical SEO Getting More Complicated?

Technical SEO is arguably getting more complicated too. As we move towards a time when Google will base their search engine results pages on the mobile versions of websites, for example, it’s important that mobile sites can be traversed well too. There are also other factors being introduced such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), featured snippets, structured markup and schema (the web of data). The list of technical SEO areas to contend with grows continuously. Equally, the advantages to be gained by ensuring that your site ticks as many boxes as possible over competitors left behind grows too.

Technical SEO is one of our key service areas. We spend a lot of time doing what we love doing is assessing the technical SEO and architectural aspects of websites belonging to our clients.

We even analyse server logs to see which part of a site has been crawled recently, and by whom (which search engine crawler), and look to optimise that. This is referred to as ‘Crawl Optimisation’ – and we’re big on it.

Feeding The Hungry Crawlers!

We understand that ‘feeding’ Googlebot and the other search engine crawlers with the right food to get the optimal benefit from their visits to a site is of paramount importance, which means that we work at a granular level on projects, leaving no stone unturned. The health of a site and a server can make all the difference to how often Googlebot will visit your site’s webpages.

Search engines have to operate to a model of efficiency and with scale in mind, like any business. Inefficiency leads to increased costs for them too so they tend to spend less of their resources in terms of time and attention on slow loading websites or pages which are not very important to their search engine users. It’s this kind of attention to detail which can make all the difference in some of the most competitive markets, but it’s not only big sites which can suffer from poorly implemented technical SEO. Even the smallest of websites may be inadvertently blocking ‘Googlebots’ (Google’s website crawlers) from important web pages on a site, or telling Googlebot to pass by certain site sections and pages.


The Technical SEO Pillar!

Good SEO is built on several pillars. Arguably the most important of these pillars is known as technical SEO. This relates to such factors as the response codes sent back to search engines as they send out their robots to crawl the web pages of your website.

This pillar of SEO also relates to how web pages are structured and mapped together in what is known as a ‘website architecture’. Consider this akin to the framework of a website holding everything together and connecting the paths through which search engines enter one page and the next. Sending the wrong signals can cause havoc with a site, and is largely unseen by humans. It’s all too easy to put a red flag in the way of a Googlebot or other search engine bot.

Ensuring that search engines can quickly and easily travel through the pages of a site and understand the messages sent back from the server well is crucial. In this way the right data gets returned to the heart of the search engine.


We work across a diverse range of campaigns and projects, ranging from simple issues such as site indexation, right through to complex challenges such as international site migrations.

Our approach to Technical SEO

A digital marketing campaign is only as good as the foundations on which it sits, and our search engine optimisation team are structural engineers for the digital age. We pursue technical excellence for every site we work on, allowing other teams’ work to fly.

We have an eye on your future

We do not simply optimise brands for Google or Bing. We optimise in a fashion that reflects your future; whether that is voice search, vertical search engines or use of new initiatives such as AMP.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

Maximize your web organic search growth!

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