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Technical SEO drives success through design and structure excellence.

Comprehensive Technical Optimisation - Unleash your website!

Getting SEO right isn’t a one-time fix – it’s an ongoing process of refinement. In an ever-changing world of algorithm updates and technological advances, keeping your site at the top of its game stops problems in their tracks and keeps you visible.

For an organic search campaign to succeed, you’ll need to make sure that your website is built on solid foundations, is barrier-free and has the qualities in place to demonstrate value and integrity to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only is this crucial in increasing your search performance within the SERPs but it is also a highly recommended means of mitigating against algorithmic penalties and devaluation.

Strengthen your site with Technical SEO

Whether your site was built by a small team or a development giant, critical technical SEO factors like canonical links and duplicate content need to be considered at all times and, are very often missed in website optimisation.

A Technical SEO Audit from Red Penguin will feature a technical SEO checklist and uncover issues behind the scenes that are preventing your site reaching the optimum audience in organic search. We won’t just leave you with a huge swathe of data! You’ll get full insights and recommendations & fixes for implementing so that you get peace of mind that your site is ready for peak performance. Don’t have the time or resources to implement fixes in-house? Get in touch; we’ll be more than happy to help.

Keep your site ship-shape

The best websites are constantly evolving, with new features, sections and optimised, on-page content to please search engines and audiences alike. But the more things change, the more errors can creep in. That’s why we recommend a regular SEO health check to uncover any critical issues, such as 301 redirects and Google penalties, that might be limiting traffic to your site or restricting its success in search marketing.

Our unique, proprietary Technical SEO Review tool uses powerful SEO tests and tools to take a snapshot of the most critical elements that affect your site’s performance in search, and includes simple graphs and percentage calculations that make it easy for you to understand the severity of any identified issues.

Technical SEO drives success through design and structure excellence!

Technical optimization covers an array of factors that influence SEO performance. These range from server configuration, optimizing the crawl of your website and crawl error resolution, to eradicating of duplicate content and improving the usability, speed and render of your website.

As SEO consultants we get to audit rather a lot of websites; from eCommerce, to lead generation, to brochure sites, and they’re all different. You could be on a platform such as Magento, WordPress, Salesforce/Demandware or have a custom build. No matter what technology you use, we can pretty much guarantee that we are the technical SEO agency to optimise it for search engines, therefore increasing your traffic and conversions.

Technical SEO Services Overview

We provide a range of Technical SEO services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Technical SEO Audit

Your audit will highlight quick wins for an immediate seo performance boost, and projects to bring long term growth. We can then prioritise our findings in a roadmap, plotting the journey for your campaign.

SEO Advisory

With Red Penguin SEO Advisory Services, you get regular access to a trusted expert SEO Consultant, who can answer your ongoing SEO questions. You’ll know that you are getting the right kind of advice.

Speed & Security

If your website goes offline, you can’t make money online. So, we monitor uptime for all our client's properties. When your website go down, we will know within minutes and take steps to help you rectify the problem.

JS Framework - SEO

Want to use AngularJS, but you're worried about the SEO implications? Google isn't indexing your content that's loaded via AJAX calls? SEO Services for your AngularJS, EmberJS, or BackboneJS website.

Website Migration

After your site move, our technical team will test your website to verify its integrity. We will make sure your old website redirect to the right location, and test for errors with analytics tracking and functionality.

Penalty Recovery

A manual penalty can affect portions of your site or your entire site. You need help fast, Our Consultants have proven experience helping sites recover from Google penalties and restore their valuable web traffic.

Maximise the potential reach of your website in organic search

As an SEO agency with over 500 years of experience, it’s our duty to make sure our clients’ sites are technically optimised. We consistently capitalise on search engine updates to ensure that our clients can take a proactive approach to their digital marketing campaigns and run quarterly Technical SEO Reviews to ensure your site is up to scratch.

Our dedicated technical SEO team have created a number of proprietary technical SEO tests and tools to ensure your site is technically dominates the SERP. Our SEO site checker knows its 404s from its 301s and we intrinsically understand the importance of avoiding poor content and unoptimised SEO meta tags from a technical standpoint.

Whether you’ve never performed a full audit of your website or you’re wondering if it’s time for a tune-up, we provide technical seo services that deliver great results, better search visibility and an awesome experience for your visitors.


Building attractive, interactive and functional websites may be great for user experience, but it can pose serious issues to SEO performance. Search engines see your website differently to your audience, so your site has to cater to the needs of search engine robots as well as your target audience groups.

Ever-growing emphasis on accessibility and quality.
Search engines' ranking algorithms are complex, evaluating hundreds of website factors when determining which keywords should rank for search queries. Technical SEO optimization tackles on-site issues that stop search engine spiders from crawling your website and potentially favoring your website.

Google Webmaster Guildelines
Technical SEO Service will identify issues that are currently hindering search engines being able to effectively crawl, understand and index the pages and content of your website. In working with you to resolve these issues, your website will be in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and significantly better equipped to facilitate growth in traffic, keyword rankings and user engagement.


A SEO campaign is only as good as the foundations on which it sits, and our search engine optimisation team are structural geniuses for the digital age. We pursue technical excellence for every site we work on, allowing other teams’ work to fly.

How we can help
We work across a diverse range of campaigns and projects, ranging from simple issues such as site indexation, right through to complex challenges such as international site migrations.

We have an eye on your future
We do not simply optimise brands for Google or Bing. We optimise in a fashion that reflects your future; whether that is voice search, vertical search engines such as Trip Advisor, market places such as Amazon, or use of new initiatives such as AMP.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Online Leads - Increase


Client Retention Rate


#1 Rankings

Technical SEO Services Features

Dynamic, Interactive Content

Interactive, dynamic content adds great functionality and usability to your website, but search engines can occasionally encounter problems when interacting with it. To counter this, we ensure your website follows the correct protocol for indexing and uses modern web w3c standards and google webmaster guidelines.

Omni-Channel Experience

Your audience views your website on a wide range of different devices. To imitate this, search engines use specific mobile-bots to crawl the mobile web. Providing a solution that can be accessed across all devices safeguards your organic performance for algorithm devaluations favoring mobile friendly websites.

Structure Data

Data vocabularies such as, RDF and JSON-LD help webmasters give search engines a greater understanding. Encapsulating website’s elements with structured data provides signals of decent, up-to-date development practices, and can trigger enhanced listings features like rich snippets and knowledge graph in search results.

Crawl Optimisation

Governing the crawl of your website is hugely important, especially for websites with many pages. Ensuring search engines can easily crawl your website without exhausting their crawl budget is essential for success.

Technical Server Configuration

We review your server configuration, website hosting environment and the backlink profiles of your sub-domains to ensure that no issues arise from set-up errors and cause duplicate versions of your website indexed in google search results.

Internal Linking

A well-devised internal linking structure helps search engines crawl your website. It also helps to define your website’s hierarchy, which essential when organizing the flow of link authority throughout websites.

Structure Data

Data vocabularies such as, RDF and JSON-LD help webmasters give search engines a greater understanding. Encapsulating website’s elements with structured data provides signals of decent, up-to-date development practices, and can trigger enhanced listings features like rich snippets and knowledge graph in search results.

Speed & Render Optimization

The download size of your website is extremely important, especially when serving content through cellular networks. Optimizing the render of your website means that your content can be served more fluidly. Prioritizing the render of scripts and styles that have dependencies allows for a faster render, without being blocked by other files that have to be downloaded and rendered beforehand.

And Much More :)

If your website is being held back by technical SEO issues, Our technical seo services will help identify and challenge any technical downfalls, and help to ensure its organic success. our technical SEO support service helps assist your development team in implementing fixes as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Or, if you’d rather we do it for you, we have the developers in-house to get stuck in!

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