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Challenges We solve : Implement effective website tracking, measurement plan blueprint, customer journey mapping, interpret customer journey & intent, decipher lifetime customer value and establish attribution model.

Proper Traffic Analysis to Improve Website Performance

Understanding your customers is essential to carving out your rightful place in your industry. By learning more about what your customers need before they need it, you can develop smarter business practices to lead your industry. Web analytics consulting services provides the capability harness the power of customer choices to predict future buying decisions. Seize this opportunity for major returns on investment by engaging web analytics.

When a visitor to the site makes a purchase or completes a form, they convert into a lead or a customer. Getting the highest number of conversions per dollar you spend on advertising and promotions is crucial in digital marketing. RedPenguin will manage your analytics for SEO and advertising campaigns by tracking the conversion rate of each keyword. Focusing on the keywords with the best chance of conversion ensures that you earn every dollar spent on seo or digital marketing back in increased sales.

Web Analytics Services and Consulting Overview

RedPenguin web analytics consultants will help you define what web analytics means to your business, and how to leverage it to make clearer, faster business decisions. We offer a variety of web analytics implementation services and analysis.

Web Analytics Audit

Professional installation or verification of Analytics solution is key to accurate web analytics data. Each implementation or audit includes checklist to ensure best practices have been met.

Analytics 360

A deep-dive review all of your available data with summary conclusions and assessments based on a discussion about your site's objections can be performed once or at regular intervals.

Tags Management

We can deploy and manage tag management solution for analytics as well as marketing tags. We set up event tags through Tag Manager, in most cases without additional page code.

Custom Dashboards

Custom excel reporting and dashboards highlight trends and results in a format that is easy to monitor and digest.

Data Diagnosis

Deep-dive into data collection and tool configuration to audit data collection when trends are suspicious.

Analytics Training

Custom training for business users and marketers to interpret web analytics reporting to guide business decisions and growth.

Web Analytics Services and Consulting From Experts

We have an experienced team of web analytics consultants whose only goal is to help you make clearer, faster business decisions. We collaborate with you to learn about your business and where the future of your business lies. Through this understanding, we support the growth of your business, utilizing data and tools to develop empowering data-driven solutions to take your business to the next level.

You get a better understanding of the performance of your website. A proper, monthly report detailing the effectiveness of various strategies is given, so that you can determine through which channels you are getting profits and which campaigns need improvements. All in all, the result would be improved implementation of your resources and quick realization of your business goals.

Baseline analysis of your website metrics KPIs

  • Analyze your website data to understand visitor behavior trends across your digital platforms, such as desktop, mobile web, and apps to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Report visitor behavior across your site and identify areas for improvement, focusing on:
    • Visitor Demographics, customer segments and personas
    • Visitors across the business
    • Mobile Analytics, specific for mobile platforms
    • Marketing Channel Performance (how visitors arrive at your site and which channels are bringing in the HQ visitors or leads)
    • Popular content
    • Navigation through the site
    • Identify where you are losing visitors and conversions
    • Identify areas of the site that are strong
    • Provide high-level strategies for improving your website’s performance

Gain insights to optimize your marketing

  • Are you confident you are capturing the right web analytics key performance indicators (KPIs)? Are you confident that those web analytics numbers are accurate?
  • Do you have the right mobile analytics solutions to understand the role mobile is playing in your customer journey?

Your digital optimization efforts don’t stand a chance if you can’t gain insights from your reports.

Web Analytics Audit

  • Identify basic problems with your installation or data collection
  • Identify areas of opportunity to leverage existing marketing technology stack to enhance data collection and analytics implementation
  • Make sure the data you are collecting is accurate and useful in the context of your business

If your Analytics implementation is incomplete or inaccurate – or hasn’t been set up to report on your marketing channels – the insights you are getting are wrong and are leading you to inaccurate conclusions. The Web Analytics Audit will make sure you’re set up to receive actionable business insights from your data from both a web analytics and mobile analytics perspective.


Analytics Strategy

  • Work with you to determine right tools and implementation to accurately measure performance of new web features and enhancements
  • Leverage additional tools to enrich data across all your digital marketing tools and build insights to help drive your bottom line

 Analytics Attribution

  • Analyze your marketing channel efforts in order to determine the best method to attribute sales to marketing channels
  • Optimize your marketing channel efforts based on the revenue attribution for your different marketing channels


Reaching your goals starts with meaningful tracking.

Web analytics is one of the most effective tools in internet marketing. By leveraging web analytics data, marketers can gain insight to not only how much traffic is coming to their sites, but how that traffic is getting there, and what users are doing onsite. This intelligence can help marketers streamline and improve their marketing efforts – and their websites and much more:

  • Key visitor information to make your website user-friendly & function better
  • Key insights to improve the web experience of your online visitors
  • Improved site performance with better understanding of the conversion rates & visitor activity
  • Information about the traffic patterns for your website, target audience location, etc.
  • Conduct A/B testing to find out which website design works best for your organizational needs

Transform web analytics into improved business results

  • Do you feel like you’re drowning in website data, but need a hand turning that information into increased profits?
  • Are you looking for proven web analytics strategies to unlock the profits lying hidden in your website?
  • Do you need board-level reports and KPI dashboards to drive and direct your online marketing initiatives?

You must define what web analytics means to your business, and how to leverage it to make clearer, faster business decisions.


Web Analytics services from RedPenguin provide you with a turnkey solution for making sense of website data – enhancing user experiences and focussing your efforts on the most productive activities.

With 400+ years of experience in practical website analytics and insights we can help you:

  • define and track appropriate KPIs and online marketing metrics to quantify and manage your progress
  • understand how and why users are engaging with your website content
  • create user experiences that closely match visitor expectations, increasing average length and depth of visit
  • test and optimise landing pages and critical conversion paths.
  • apply multivariate analysis and other analytical techniques to traffic and conversion optimisation
  • add value to existing Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing campaigns, plug the costly leaks that are robbing you of sales and sales leads
  • integrate website data (e.g. search engine and keyword information) into CRM systems such as SFDC and Infusionsoft
  • track which advertising campaigns and external websites are driving desired actions
  • identify new opportunities for serving your market better and dominating your space online

Web Analytics Services Features

Analytics Audit

Our in-house experts audit your analytics account with specialised tools to give it a better shape and escalate the performance of web analytics. We consider accounts to be good enough only if they are able to deliver good traffic and a better return on investment. We help your team realise how they can make that happen.

As your agency, we decode the numbers and analyse how your communication, creativity and media has been impacting traffic to save your marketers the trouble of frowning over mobile/ web analytics reports. Our agency experts guide your firm throughout the process while maintaining total transparency of your account’s performance.

Implementation and Optimisation

As your digital intelligence consultants, we provide services to help you plan and personalise your website effectively at every platform. We analyse the user experience, recommend best practices, monitor improvements and test its impact. We focus on reducing bounce rate, page load time, and pay attention to where visitors navigate, scroll, click and the extent of its mobile friendliness.

Our mavens give you strategic recommendations for building a powerful and engaging website while suggesting best practices that have a history of proven results. We manage digital experiences across website and mobile for a better user journey.

Web Analytics + CRM Integration

Learn from our industry experts the best practices, strategies, and technologies used to manage customer interactions and data. With the goal of improving customer relations, we help you with Business Intelligence, Real Time Data, Customer Purchase History, Customer LTV and ROI Mapping.

We assist you in getting a 360-degree view of your customers and show you new improved ways to manage them. We understand how important customers are to each business hence, we make maintaining relationships easiest of all.

Measurement Framework

As your consulting agency, we provide services that outline a reliable measurement framework that can help gauge the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy and mobile/web analytics. We connect campaign objectives back to your business and help judge the success of your campaigns.

As your agency, we focus on setting up a framework that tracks and identifies what works best for your business. Our digital intelligence framework makes it easier to calculate the return on investment and in turn justify your company budget.

Tag Management

We help your company have an edge over your competitors by integrating website tag management you can rely upon. We audit, recommend and alter tags to help your tag manager account perform better.

Our GTM management experts constantly carry out tag manager tracking, analyse the tag manager account to improve tags that span webpages. As your consulting agency, we are determined to provide best services that deliver results.

Analysis and Segmentation

Being experts in audience analysis and segmentation, we categorise your audience to deliver right communication at the right time. By using advanced tools and data science along with information from your website, our experts group your audience to channel digital campaigns in the right direction.

Analysis leads to gaining knowledge of your audience and segmentation gives that knowledge a direction. It is one of the most important rituals that needs to be carried out on every account.

Channel Attribution

It is of utmost importance to know which channel converts the maximum. With Channel Contribution we analyse where your customers are coming from and what value they hold. We break down your traffic on the basis of their sources. This analysis helps determine which channel is doing better than the others.

Our specialists give you detailed understanding of which channels are the best for investment, how they should be leveraged and what kind of ROI should be expected. These insights help you make an informed choice with your digital marketing budget.

Predictive Modeling

At Our Agency, you are never in the dark. We uncover the “what if’s” and “how’s” of the chalked out campaigns with Predictive Modelling and Forecasting. Our specialists make predictions of the unknown errors that may occur in the future by analysing current data using advanced analytics techniques like data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics modelling.

We analyse historical data to identify potential risks and spot opportunities in the future to avoid/leverage situations for the benefit of your business. This in turn reflects on savings in terms of budget allocation.

Data Visualization and Reporting

At Our Agency, Data Visualisation and Reporting is art and science combined. We provide advanced data studio consulting services to communicate clear information to your team so they don’t have to put in excess time decoding a complicated report.

Our team of experts works together in pulling out data from your campaigns to report how they have been performing. They spread out important information in the simplest manner and make it easier for your team to quickly understand the developments.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Get detailed insights of your high valued customers with our proficient analysis team. Understand from our experts who your valued customers are and how to keep them engaged to receive a better return on investment. With predictive analysis and data science we map the journey of your audience and determine where they stand in the customer lifecycle.

Get an estimation and detailed insights on how much revenue can be generated if customised experience and personalised communication is used to keep customers involved.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic


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