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Migrate Your Online Shop to different platform without Loss of Revenue and Traffic!

Changing your domain name or moving to a new website can be a stressful time, with so many different things to consider. Whether you’re in the process of building, planning or starting to think about it – regardless of everything else going on with designs and wireframes etc. – a poor website migration could cost you your existing website search engine rankings, traffic, losing you sales and revenue.

One common misconception is that organic search ‘looks after itself’: this is unfortunately an untruth that some people only find out the hard way. I can’t count the number of calls and emails I’ve received from people who have launched a new website only to find that it isn’t performing anywhere near as well as the previous site – a shattering truth considering the investment that will have gone into it.

This is usually down to the site not being built in an SEO-friendly way (developers have different priorities to SEOs), or the technical migration of the site not being project-managed correctly.

Website Migration Services Overview

Website Migration

We have been working with WordPress and any other cms system you may be using since the inception of CMSs, so we know just how to make your CMS-based site run smooth as butter!

CMS Migration

We take pride in evaluating your web server to make necessary changes and update so that your customers get the best user experience. We take care of your web server performance and configuration.

HTTPS Migration

Deep analysis of all website and bot traffic analytics to uncover insightful trends, opportunities for changes, improvements, and risks to the business.

Your data is of the utmost importance – Active, Not Reactive!

Every website that We’ve been asked to work on retrospectively has had issues that could have been resolved during the building and staging phases of the migration, saving the client time and money. Not only the money now being spent to resolve the issues, but the lost traffic and revenue from organic search.

If done to best practice, a new website should lead to an increase in organic traffic, improved rankings in organic search, and increased revenue.
We’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries, migrating sites ranging in size from a few hundred pages to thousands – across multiple languages.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

Why SEO Website Migration?


There are many reasons for migrating a website – switching from http:// to https://, changing URL structures and site hierarchy, launching a new website, significantly changing an existing design or even completely switching to a different domain.

But whatever the reason, website migrations absolutely must consider SEO with serious planning before, during and after the migration. Without a proper SEO website migration strategy, you could risk your website massively losing out on traffic and rankings.

A good SEO site migration has to achieve two core objectives:

1) Minimising drops in organic rankings
2) Minimising traffic loss from organic search

However, a great SEO website migration will springboard keyword rankings and organic traffic straight after launch, and that’s what our SEO website migration service does.


Choosing the right hosting company could be tricky. If you are lucky, you’ll get a decent one on your first shot, but if you are not, then you need to move your entire “furniture” to new house and people tend to freak out when this happen. Site migration is perfectly normal and will not cause an issue if handles correctly. Most people that switch to other hosting company usually looking for a higher uptime and a better customer support than the old company. They GOOD NEWS is We have them all covered!


After your site runs for a while and people start to know about your brand, there will be time when you want to transfer your business to the next level with better management, thus eventually with a new look of your website., one of the well known SEO service is a perfect example for this. They change their domain from into mainly because they want to expand their business to help people do a better marketing, instead of just a small scope of SEO. Changing domain names is a big decision and requires a great deal of planning and time, mostly within 6 months up to one year.

Do I need to change my platform? CMS migration does not mean to delete your site and destroy your brand. On the contrary, it’s taking your brand to the next level by making it easier for site owner to manage and visitors to navigate.


If you are one of those who are not happy with your current content management system. Also called CMS and you are thinking of leaving it and do something new then you should transfer your website to some good website holder so that you can have some benefits from your website even if you don’t want to operate your website anymore.

The fear of facing potential traffic loss and revenue loss. On their other hand, the SEO (which are also called search engine optimization which affects the process of visibility of a website on the search engine unpaid result) makes sure that they follow best practice and they will not face any fall after this practice.

How We Can Help You ?

Our SEO migrations are split into three phrases; planning, implementation and monitoring:


1. Planning the SEO migration

Before we start our migrations we go through a thorough research and planning phase. This enables us to gain enough insight on keyword rankings, the site’s current SEO health as well as a list of existing technical issues that will need to be fixed prior to the migration.


We then create a sitemap to outline the new URL structure, content architecture and page hierarchy for the new website post-migration. After this, we map all the news URLs out against the current URLs to ensure every single page is redirected properly so that all page authority is passed on and not lost.


We also fix any existing technical SEO issues to ensure the current website and the new website are as optimised for search as possible.


2. Implementing the SEO migration

In this phase we start implementing our recommendations on the new website.


Our SEO website migration process includes page-for-page redirects, onsite keyword optimisation, generating a new sitemap, add canonical tags to duplicated content, submitting the website to Google’s index and a full technical SEO audit.


This ensures that the website is migrated properly and without issue. We’re essentially telling Google where all the old content is now hosted, and what keywords the search engine should rank it for.


3. Monitoring the SEO migration

Once the migration has been completed we run a full technical SEO audit on the new website to ensure all technical SEO issues have been fixed and everything has been migrated properly. Monitoring the website post-migration is vital for damage limitation.


We’ll check for daily crawl errors, run crawls on the old site to ensure every single page has been redirected properly and page authority has been passed over to the new URLs as well as monitor keyword positions and organic traffic.


Results from our SEO Website Migration

What kind of results can you expect from our SEO website migration? Well, every website migration has different challenges and obstacles to overcome. But without one there’s a high chance you could see your website dropping off the organic rankings.


Generally, website migrations are problematic for SEO because it’s all about stabilising what you’ve already got.

However, our SEO website migrations have been designed both successfully migrate what’s already there and optimise the entire website for continued, sustainable SEO growth.

Website Migration Services Features

Audit & Diagnostic

We'll analyse the development url of your new site in great detail and will advise and report on anything we believe to be a cause for concern during the migration process from old to new. We will provide a list of questions for your developers.

Page & Domain Authority

Since your domain was registered; your site has building up an 'authority' with Google which is why your current site is ranking where it is: Losing this ‘authority’ would have a catastrophic effect on your rankings and traffic. We will minimise the loss throughout the whole of the site.

Technical Optimisation

We will ensure that all technical code that is in your existing site is transferred to the new one. This will ensure that there are no sudden drops in traffic and loss of rankings due to code being missed in the transfer.

Website Architecture

Changing the url structure of your site is a major issue and will undoubtedly cause some loss of rankings, traffic and conversions for a period of time. Our job will be to minimise this time as much as possible by consulting on the new url structure of the site for optimum performance in the search engines.

Post Launch Monitoring

After checking that the migration process has completed successfully; we'll analyse and monitor your website's performance (rankings, traffic & conversions) post migration for a period of 2 months post migration with sophisticated reporting.

Priority Content

Analysing the existing and new site structure will determine any content that will be lost that will have a negative impact on your current rankings in the search engines. A reduction in content could harm your standing with Google. Every page of the new site will need to be audited and dealt with accordingly.

Pre-Launch Analysis

We’ll perform a detailed 'pre-launch' analysis against everything that we have advised and consulted on ensuring a seamless migration process between the old and the new.

Hierarchical Structure Design

We will assess your new site hierarchical structure design against your old one to ensure that old traffic generating pages are not lost or that new pages will cause conflicts or Google penalties.

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