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Do you believe page speed is a ranking factor, or are you amongst those that don't believe page load time is a ranking factor? Some will tell you that speed is not a ranking factor, but here at SEO Agency Mumbai, we say page speed is not only a ranking factor for the desktop version of your website, but it is also a ranking factor for mobile sites. - And we are not going to wait for Google, or for any other major search engines, to tell us or make it so - A ranking factor that is.

We don't think you should wait for an SEO Experts, or for search engines to tell you that web page speed is important. Why? Because it is the logical thing to do - To offer a fast website for your visitors. It is business wise to make your site load as fast as possible, or risk losing customers. If you agree with us, then you need to take action and start improving your site speed now, or risk losing potential customers to your competition!

Website Speed and Performance Services Overview

Core CMS Optimisation

We have been working with WordPress and any other cms system you may be using since the inception of CMSs, so we know just how to make your CMS-based site run smooth as butter!

Page Speed Optimisation

With this service we'll not only perform a full audit of your website's pages; we'll also take care of all of the optimizations so you won't need to lift a finger to provide your site visitors with a top-speed site experience. Leave it to us; your site's in good hands.

Server Performance

We take pride in evaluating your web server to make necessary changes and update so that your customers get the best user experience. We take care of your web server performance and configuration.

Page Speed Audit

Want to make changes to your site yourself, but unsure of where to start? Our Page Speed Audit service provides detailed analytics of your site performance and breaks down exactly what changes can be made to significantly improve your site's loading times.

Database Optimisation

Deep analysis of all website and bot traffic analytics to uncover insightful trends, opportunities for changes, improvements, and risks to the business.

Brute Force Protection

A common attack point on WordPress is to hammer the wp-login.php file over and over until they get in or the server dies. Each tried attempt is a request to the server which slows things down. Our Speed Engineer will guard your site against this.


We work according to Google and Yahoo guidelines for faster loads and better SEO ranking. Our team will analyze your site from HTML and CSS code to the scripts and graphics to pinpoint all problem areas and making them streamlined and efficient.

Before deciding whether our services are right for you, take a moment to check out your website's load times, page speed and ySlow score to see if you'll benefit from our expertise. if you don't know how to check, no worries, just send us your website's URL and You will receive a FREE SEO ANALYSIS detailed report on the SPEED OPTIMIZATION of your site. if you decide to work with us then the report will include a snapshot of before we do our magic and details of what has improved after our Speed Engineer has worked through.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

Why Website Speed and Performance Optimisation?


Website speed optimization services - Your website's speed optimization should be as important as your design if you don't want your customers to be frustrated from a slow loading website and go to your competition.

Nobody likes a slow website, including you, so offering a website that takes forever to load is NOT an option, unless:

  • You don't want your business to position itself above your competition on search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • And you don't mind if your would be customers click on the back button and go to your competitor instead

  • If you are complaining about other websites you frequently visit, your visitors could be feeling the same way. So when it comes to running a successful online business or a blog, providing quality and relevant content to your customers is not enough:

    You need to provide them with what they came looking for when they need it, AND FAST! By making your site fast, you are helping Google crawl and index more of your pages, thus help you connect with more customers.


    Google wants your site to load in 3 seconds or less but your customers prefer a site that loads even faster than that. If you think that a fast loading website is just a luxury, then expect your customers to go your competitor next door and buy that product or that service from them.

    Your slow website can cost you time, have a devastating effect on your business reputation, and cost you money. The faster your site is, the higher chances of seeing your page index, search ranking, and customer retention improve.

    How Our SEO COMPANY MUMBAI Can Help You ?

    Typically most of our customers will see the load time of their site drop to somewhere between the 1-2 second mark. Most start at somewhere between 5-10 seconds, often more.

    As a general rule, between 1-3 seconds is where you need to be in terms of acceptable load times. Anything over 5 seconds is going start to hurt your Google rankings and conversion rate (sales, enquiries, phone calls, bookings and so forth).



    Your site speed will improve by AT LEAST 100%, usually more!!

    Website Speed Optimization Service Results:

    • Page Load Time will Decrease
    • Total Page Size will Decrease
    • Performance Ratings in Speed Tests will Improve
    • Fewer HTTP Requests Will be Needed
    • Customers Won’t Bounce Off your Site
    • More Revenue from Increased Conversion Rate




    Your hosting company, or hosting plan could be affecting the overall speed of your website. The culprit could also be the CMS used or the actual design? Our site analysis will tell you everything you need to know about your website and how to improve its overall performance.

    We have reviewed many great looking and professionally designed websites where we couldn't find any design flaws affecting the website's slow page load, however, when we looked deeper under the hood, we found out that the culprit to the slow website page was a poor hosting server hardware & software setup & configuration, or the cheap package.


    Website Speed And Performance Services Features

    Optimise CMS Database

    CMS Database Tables pile up over time with useless data and make your site heavier than needed.

    Full Page Caching

    Caching stores saved copies of files, images, etc for fast and easy access leading to substantial website speed boost.

    Prerendered Cache

    Have a cached website ready for search engines to crawl. Google will stop indexing parts of your site if it takes too long to load.

    Optimise CMS Database

    CMS Database Tables pile up over time with useless data and make your site heavier than needed.

    Fonts Optimisation

    Make less HTTP requests for fonts used on your site for faster website load times.

    Lazy Load

    Load your images as your visitor scrolls down the site cutting your initial website loading time.


    Compact & Reduce the size of your JavaScript, HTML, & CSS Files for faster website processing power.

    GZip Compression

    Reduce the size of files sent from your server to increase the speed to which they are transferred to the browser.

    Defer JavaScript

    Defer loading of JavaScript files and code till the end to reduce the initial load time of your website.

    DNS Prefetching

    Reduce DNS resolutions that browser has to make from external domains by preloading necessary data.

    E-Commerce Friendly

    We can drastically improve site load time for Ecommerce Stores without affecting Cart & Checkout pages.

    CMS Cleanup

    Old post revisions and spam comments can burden your site with old and unnecessary data. We clean up WordPress for you for optimal performance.

    Redis Server

    We have a brilliant solution for your data and session storage in the form of Redis Server, which is considered a top notch platform for managing multiple databases.

    Media Content

    The application of content delivery network CDN so that the end consumers can get access to the media content shared on the website. Website Image Optimization to compress and load images faster.


    To enhance the speed of online stores, we recommend the installation of powerful tools like APC, which also helps in PHP tuning. We have a successful track record of implying such strategies with positive results and customer satisfaction.

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